Making (Photo-)Business of War and Violence.
Dezember 20, 2018 — 22:19

Lars Bauernschmitt in conversation with Tony Hicks / Photo Editor Associated Press

Photo agencies are mediators between those who produce images and their clients. Photo agencies sell the right to use images by photographers or purchased archive collections to the editorial offices of print and online media, PR and advertising agencies as well as other companies that work with images. Moreover, agencies convey their clients’ requests for images to their associated photo providers, or they commission the production of photos for which they assume there will be future demand. The image market is subject to the same rules as other markets. For photo agencies, the right to use images represents a commodity, one whose price is determined by supply and demand. This also applies to conflict images. Published in: Fromm, Greiff, Stemmler; Images in Conflict; Kromsdorf / Weimar 2018